Money in Review July 8 – July 14

When it gets hot this summer, eating out can ease some of the heat. Save Money When Eating Out by Debbie provides 5 easy tips to help you still enjoy a night out treat.

So many of us put off taking the time to create and follow a budget. Miriam offers up some simple advice in Start Budgeting Now! to motivate you into that very direction – planning for your future.

Does spending lots of money on your kids improve the quality of their life? Miriam explores this premise within her article Spending Money on Your Kids. With balanced judgment, she does an excellent job covering some of the leading costs of raising kids.

Have you been to your local library recently? Maybe you should. Let Debbie’s article Using your Library inspire you to take advantage of this valuable, free resource.

So, you are finally on task, saving some money each month. Now, the question begs… what should you do with this money? In Miriam’s What Should You Do With Your Savings, she addresses some important factors to consider in your decisions.

Have you ever overdrawn your bank account? Don’t fret, most of us have. Then the bank steps in with all those miserable fees and makes a bad situation far worse. What can you do about it? Interestingly enough there is a bill in legislature currently to help. Miriam covers this report as well as some very practical ways to prevent this costly mistake in Balance Your Checkbook and Save Money.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? Then Travel Savings by Debbie is a must read. The timing of your planning can make a huge difference on your saving potential, let Debbie’s article show you how.

With money battles being one of the leading causes of divorce, then it is almost a given you and your spouse fight over it at least occasionally. How do you get out of this downward spiral? Let Miriam’s list of vital guidelines in Four Tips to Help You Stop Fighting About Money lead you to marital bliss.