Monkeying Around

My daughter spent her 6th birthday surrounded by family, friends and dozens of monkeys. We splurged on a Safari-themed birthday party at the local children’s museum and invited her entire kindergarten class. What a day!

The museum provided some of the decorations, but none of the party favors. That job was left to me, my mom and my BFF.

The following are just some of the monkey-theme items we made to create a fun atmosphere for the kids:



Brown plastic or paper cups (If you are on a budget you could use paper lunch bags)

Brown construction paper

Googly eyes




Cut four semi-circles from the construction paper for each monkey cup.

Draw monkey faces on each cup or bag.

Glue one semi-circle on each side for the ears and two for the mouth, so that they almost create a circle.

Attach the eyes just above the mouth with the glue.

Fill the cups (or bags) with tissue paper, shredded paper or plastic Easter basket grass. Add candy, fruit snacks, banana chips, crayons, stickers, etc. We also used some Curious George party favors found at a local discount party store, such as whistles, paddle and balls, and mini activity books.


The museum provided a face painter for my daughter’s party, so the kids could morph into their favorite jungle animals. The children, who chose to be monkeys, also received furry ear headpieces and tails.

If you are on a budget you can make your own monkey ears and tails with a bunch of craft items. Use stiff felt or craft foam glued to a head band for the monkey ears. For the tail, simply use a long strip of brown fabric tied around the waist with a long piece dangling behind. If you don’t want to mess with ties, then fasten the tails to the waistbands of the kids’ pants with stick-on Velcro, which can be removed before the party ends.

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