Morality and Faith – How to Decide Between Them in Infidelity

wedding ringsMany spouses who have been betrayed by infidelity will struggle between morality and faith when deciding whether or not they should stay to repair their marriage. Most of the time, morality and faith don’t align and that can make the situation extremely difficult.

A Cause for Morality

Everyone knows that infidelity is morally wrong. Society has taught us that if you cheat, you are bad. They also have taught us that when someone cheats on you, it means you have to leave him or her.

Now, if we think about what we’ve learned our whole life, we find that society is only half right. Yes, cheating is bad, but when someone cheats it doesn’t always mean they are left.

Many marriages and even relationships have survived infidelity. They have gone on to being better than they ever were before.

You have think about your own morals in this though, completely independent of society’s ideals. What do you believe is true?

If you believe that no one should ever stay with someone after they cheat on them. Then that is your moral belief and you should do what you feel is right based on that. However, if you do believe that a marriage can survive cheating, it may be worth looking further into.

Incorporating Faith into Your Decision

Many religions believe that infidelity is a cause for divorce without judgment. Many religions also believe that every attempt should be made to salvage the marriage before divorce happens.

Now, if you put this together with your morals, you can start to join the two in a much more peaceful way. If your morals tell you that you can’t make your marriage work after cheating, your faith may be in line with this if you believe that there is no way to salvage your marriage after the infidelity.

However, if your morals allow you to consider reconciliation with your spouse, you are also in line with your faith. You are trying to save your marriage before you consider divorce.

Hopefully, this has helped you make more sense of how your morals and faith work together for you and your situation. It can be such a sensitive and difficult time personally trying to figure out what is truly “right.”

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