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In one of my past articles I discussed the new wave of schooling online. I also promised to let you know more about the subject. While being able to take courses online has been around for a while, the new trend is to attend public school online. Texas is currently experimenting with this idea.

Many believe that the concept is much like home schooling. Although it may appear this way, the parents are not responsible for the child’s education. The public school system is still in control.

In online public schools, the state pays a company to oversee the education of the students. The students are educated by licensed teaching professionals. They must also pass the state exam (TAKS). The TEA (Texas Education Association) is also monitoring the school.

The company paid to run the program provides the computer and all needed materials to the students at no cost. Therefore money is not an object for children who wish to enroll.

To begin their day at the virtual school, the students must answer the teacher’s question of the day. This is how the teacher accounts for the student’s attendance for the day. The program sets up a schedule for the students. However, the students may decide which order to carry out their tasks. For example, it does not matter if a student works on math or history first as long as both are completed.

In most cases, a student must score at least 80 percent on a skill or assignment before he or she can move on to the next one.

If a student runs into complications while working, he or she can ask for assistance from someone at home or email the teacher.

Although the school is a virtual online academy, much of the work is done off line by doing experiments, reading books, or completing workbooks.

The students are even given exercise assignments and have conversations with other students through virtual clubs and organizations.

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