More about Students who Refuse to Work

Previously I began a discussion about students who refuse to do work and how teachers in essence cannot make them. The article listed some typical actions that teachers take to try to get a student to do work. Some teachers try punishment for the students and others do not allow students to play until the work is completed.

The best thing that teachers and parents can do to get children to complete their work is to give them motivation. While this sounds easy, the hard part is discovering what exactly it is that motivates the child. Not all children are motivated by the same things.

In some cases it is a reward or a prize that gets children excited. Teachers can use incentive charts and reward students when a certain number of stickers are receiving for completing work. The key with incentive charts is to only focus on one desired behavior at a time. Do not try to get the child to complete work and clean up at the same time. Choose one and focus on it. One must also make sure that end reward is something that the child really wants.

In some cases it is success that students need to get motivated. Once a student realizes that he or she can successfully complete the work, he or she is motivated to do more. The motivation is enhanced when the child receives praise for his or her efforts.

However teachers and parents alike must remember that self motivation and the desire to do good for the sake of doing good cannot be forced into a child. A child must want these things for him or herself.

Teachers and parents can try to show students the self satisfaction that comes from hard work. However there are some students who must learn this concept over time and in some cases the hard way.

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