More about Television Shows for Your Child

In my last article I had begun discussing how many shows on television geared for children are trying to take on a more educated stance. While parents can have a little less anxiety about letting their children watch these shows, picking them out of the crowd of the television line up may not be as easy as it seems. The article had started giving parents some ideas on how to choose appropriate shows for their children to watch on television.

In addition to the tips listed in the last article there are a few more.

Be careful about shows in which children, parents, or even animals may be harmed. While it seems very logical that you would not let your young child watch a violent show, these shows are not always easy to spot from the beginning.

Look for shows that are appropriately paced for your child’s age. Some shows move very fast and can leave a young child confused. Young children need a show that is repetitive and slower moving.

Try to stay clear of television shows that have monsters or other supernatural beings. Many cartoons now feature cute and nice monsters. These may be an exception.

Monitor your child’s television programs for dangerous acts or stunts. Many programs tend to glorify dare devil sports acts or stunts. Your child may be tempted to also try to complete these stunts. Be cautious about letting your child watch them.

As common as television is in our society it is almost impossible to keep your child from watching it at all. However you can still limit the amount of time that your child sits in front of the television set. In addition to limiting the time watching television, parents can also now choose television shows that have some value to their child’s character and education.

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