More Adorable Christmas Poetry for Scrapbook Layouts

Hopefully you are taking my advice, and scrapbooking through the holiday season. You might be getting caught up scrapping pictures from the year, or perhaps from Christmas’ past. Christmas time is especially wonderful when it’s seen through a child’s eyes. So even if you do not have children, perhaps you have a niece or nephew or grandchild you can scrapbook about. If you don’t have any of that, borrow a child. No I’m kidding. But the magic of Christmas can usually be found on a child’s face during the holiday season. Seeing the twinkle in their eyes, the sweet smile, and the wonderment on their face, usually can melt even the toughest scrooge.

So I thought I’d throw out some more cute poems I’ve found so you can scrapbook them. Although these seem that they’d be better suited for children’s holiday layouts, I hope you will realize that they will work on any scrapbook page. In addition, I have several more articles with poems that are geared for the adult pages, that could work just as easily on a layout with children.

I hope you enjoy!

Christmas Presents

See all the presents by the Christmas tree.

Some for you

And some for me.

Long ones, Tall ones,

Short ones, too.

And here is a round one

Wrapped in blue.

Isn’t it fun to look and see

All the presents by the Christmas tree?

Christmas Song

The little Baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day.

Along came the shepherds and knelt down to pray.

The Blesses Mother Mary held the Babe that morn’

And the world rejoiced that Jesus Christ was born.

Christmas Story

On a cold winter night, with no place to stay,

A baby was born, In a manger of hay.

He cried for his dinner, and stared at the sheep

He smiled at his mother, and fell fast asleep.

Three wise men came by, and said “If he pleases,

We have gifts to give, to the infant named Jesus”.

The star shone above, as he lay in the hay.

And God showed his love, on that first Christmas Day.

Little Christmas Tree

One little Christmas tree, standing all alone.

His heart was very sad, ‘Cause he hadn’t found a home.

Then chop went the ax, and down fell the tree.

And off it went with a happy family!

No little Christmas tree, Standing all alone,

His heart was very happy, ‘Cause he finally found a home!