More Creative Frugal Decorating Tips

Our home is fully decorated at this point for the Autumn months. Working on fall projects always gets me in the mood for the upcoming colder months. I enjoy making items that can stay up for months, rather than being pulled down a few weeks later. This is a cost effective way to decorate.

Here are a few quick and low cost ideas for fall decorations:

Tin Can Luminaries

Grab a coffee can or actually any sized can will do. Fill with water and freeze completely. Place tape on the can. Next, using a nail and hammer, carefully punch holes evenly spaced along the tape. Create a pattern. Dump out the ice, dry out the can and then paint. You do not have to paint the can, it can be displayed as is.
When you’re all done, pour sand in the bottom of the can, insert a candle and light. Place these on the ground lining your sidewalk or your driveway. A cluster of them looks very pretty together on the front porch.

Tin Can Ghosts

Recycling throw away items is a great way to decorate for less. Smash a soda can by stepping on it to crush it. After it’s smashed, spray paint it white and add facial features. Hang them from branches in your yard. They are obviously more visible during the daytime, than the night, but if you have a spot light or other type of light for your yard, aim and focus on the cute little ghosts swinging in the breeze.
The secret seems to be using the the top of the can as the face of the ghost with the drinking hole as the mouth of the ghost. Keep the face simple and sweet. You can add paper arms or draw arms and hands on the can if you desire.

Nature Ideas

Wreath #1

Gather acorns, seed pods, and any other interesting nuts and seeds you may find on a nature walk. Hot glue your nature items onto a Styrofoam or straw wreath. Use a bow as an accent in fall colors. Use pinking shears or tear the ribbon to get a more natural look.

Wreath #2

Press fall leaves using a flower press or putting them between the pages of a large dictionary or phone book. Be sure the leaves are completely dried out. When looking for leaves try to find leaves in different colors and shapes. Hot glue the leaves to a Styrofoam wreath. Pressed leaves can also be framed in a picture frame or used to decorate a homemade card. You can even put them in bowls with other items as an accent item. Wrap a candle in leaves. Be creative.

More Idea for Leaves

A few other ideas for all those fun items you’ve gathered from Mother Nature: make acorn napkin rings by gluing (hot glue is best) acorns fabric strips. Or scatter leaves underneath a centerpiece.

Be creative and have fun! Those are the two most important ingredients when creating beautiful but frugal decorations for your family home.