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In a previous article, I discussed a couple of games that were great for on the road trips or times of waiting because the games required no materials. In this article, I will offer some rainy day at home games that are more detailed and require a bit more preparation. Both types of games are fun and entertaining for you and your child!

Help your child create picture cards. Picture cards are cards with pictures and labels. Each card should only have one picture and its label word. These can be made with index cards and pictures from magazines or you can draw your own pictures. After the cards are made, there are many different ways to use them.

You can use the cards to play games such as a memory game. Turn all of the cards over so that you can only see the plain back. You and your child can then take turns turning over cards. The goal is to find two cards that are the same. You can look for cards that begin with the same letter or pictures that rhyme. The game can be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be depending on your child’s capabilities.

Another game that can be played encourages language. Turn the cards face down. Ask your child to pick up three cards without looking at them. If your child can make a sentence using all three words then he or she gets to keep the cards. If he or she cannot make a sentence using all three cards then the cards are placed back onto the floor or table.

Cards can also be used in the riddle games suggested in an earlier article. Turn the cards face up on a table or floor. Give clues and have your child guess which picture you are describing.

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