More Ideas to Get Organized and Enjoy Your Hobby

Organization is key to productivity in any hobby or environment really. It’s easy to organize if you start small and build on it. Don’t expect everything to just happen, and don’t expect it to happen quickly either. It takes time and practice. It takes twenty one days to make anything a habit. So imagine that it is going to take you twenty one days from the day you actually get it all organized before it becomes second nature to you.

In a previous article I provided a couple of basic ways to get organized and enjoy your hobby more. I would like to give you some more ideas to help with your scrapbooking needs. These ideas when implemented will help you stay organized and have better results in your scrapbooking!

Learn how to properly organize your photographs first. Begin with planning how you will organize the photographs first, then figure out how you want to sort them. Your final step is learning to properly store your photographs for lasting results.

When sitting down to do your journaling, begin by evaluating why it’s important.
Then take the time to learn about the basic 5 w’s in journaling. This will help the process which many people struggle with. Once you’ve established your basic 5 W’s, expand your knowledge to include the more advanced 5 W’s. This will take your journaling to a whole new level! Then, learn to have a little more fun! Learn about new recipes to make your journaling stand out more. When you finally do sit down to journal, often the words will flow freely and you will find yourself with no struggles at all!

Evaluate your memorabilia. You don’t need to keep everything, although you do need to go through the process of learning what to collect. This will keep you organized and show you what is most important to you.

Work backwards. This is one of the easiest ways to get caught up quicker. Start with your most recent photos and scrapbook those first. Those are the memories that are fresh and are easiest to do. Then begin going back in time and get caught up. By the way, small secret I’ll share. I haven’t met one scrapbooker who has ever been “caught up”. I’ve heard other’s talk about people they know that are, but I’ve never met anyone who actually is.

Remember that it takes baby steps to organize. If you try to do too much at once, it will seem like a colossal mess to you and it becomes a chore and not a great way to organize.

I hope these ideas work for you and that you will begin organizing your stuff and your time! Please share any other tips you have that can be time, or money savers!