More New Uses for Old Ties

neck ties Old ties gathering dust? Why not put them to good use with some fun and easy projects?

In a previous blog, New Uses for Old Ties, I talked about preparing and cleaning out for our upcoming move. I found a box of old ties that my husband no longer needed, and I wondered what to do with them. Two ideas that I shared were a tie lamp and a tie photo frame. Now, here are three more great uses, or reuses for old ties.

Another use that I have heard about over and over again for using old ties to to make a skirt out of them. This is a quick project that can be done in a day, or if you have kids, maybe a weekend. You just add as many ties as needed to fit the waist size of the wearer. If you arrange the ties in all the same direction, then the skirt will naturally flare out for a flattering look. For a straighter look, just lay the ties head to tail. I once saw a jacket on the Antique Roadshow that was completely made out of silk cigar bands. It was worth a pretty penny. So, in 100 years, your tie-skirt might be too!

The really soft ties can make a nice pillow covers for your bed or sofa pillows. Isn’t it funny how we sometimes dress in the same colors and fabrics we choose to decorate our home? For example, both our couch and our comforter cover have a denim look, and I love wearing jeans. Anyway, you might be able to pick up some of your home’s colors in the ties. To make a pillow cover, simply remove the lining from the ties and open up the fabric. Sew the ties together with the side of the head of one tie against the side of the tail of the other tie (wide part to narrow part) to give you a piece of fabric that is big enough to cover your pillow. Then sew away.

Another use for old ties is in your first aid kit. A tie is the perfect size and shape for an emergency tourniquet.

How would you use old ties?

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