More On Preserving Your Christmas Decorations and Turning Them Into Scrapbook Pages

Yesterday I posted some great ideas for preserving your Christmas decorations and today I am sharing a few more. Remembering your holiday traditions is important and can mean a lot to family members in the future. Here are some more things you might wish to photograph each year.

Outdoor Decorations

Do you have any yard decorations, those big inflatable things? Maybe you do a holiday wreath on your front door or on windows? Do you have lights strung through a tree or bush? Maybe you have a lighted lawn ornament like a Christmas tree or reindeer. Snap photographs of your holiday display and what each thing means to you.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every ornament has a story. Take some time to write down those stories and memories. Is there a reason you put something on your tree each year? Is there a story behind your tree topper? What about the strange, ugly angel ornament from Great Aunt Edna. Tell about your ornaments and when and where you got them. Be sure and include photographs of each one.

Nativity Set

I love nativity sets. There are many beautiful ones out there. I had one for years and somehow in my many moves to new houses it has disappeared. But that is alright because I would like to start the tradition anew with my family. I want to choose one together that we all love and enjoy. Do you have a nativity set you put out each year? If you have a nativity set, why did you select that one? Where do you place it each year? Take a photograph of the set and do a page all about your Christmas nativity set.

Can you think of other memories to preserve for the holidays? More coming soon in the scrapbooking blog.

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