More Online Scrapbooking Classes

More Online Scrapbooking Classes

It is always fun to learn a new scrapbooking technique, especially from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas. Scraptutor offers online classes on 28 different topics.

The class topics cover a good range of general scrapbooking techniques. The classes are arranged into two volumes. The first volume includes classes that cover many basic techniques. I recommend volume one for beginning scrapboookers. Some of the topics covered in volume one at chalking, eyelets, mats and frames and paper tearing.

Volume two includes topics that are a bit more advanced. Some of the topics that are covered are photo editing, color combination, pockets, tags, and using negative space. Even if you are an experienced scrapbooker I’m sure that you would be able to learn something new from each topic or at least brush up on something.

You purchase all of the classes in each volume together (each class is not sold separately) for $29.95. Each volume includes 14 topics, each with it’s own lesson. Right now Scraptutor is offering both volumes of classes for the price of one volume. That means you get 28 lessons for $29.95. For just over a dollar a class, this seems like a good value.

When you order, you choose between having a CD-ROM sent to you with all of the class material or you can take the classes online if you have a fast internet connection. Either version of the classes includes video instruction, layouts with the instructions and tips written by the creator, step-by-step lessons, and lifetime access to their message boards.

The one drawback to taking scrapbooking classes online instead of at a scrapbook store or convention is that you miss out on the social aspect of scrapbooking. But you could take the classes online and then share all of your new knowledge with your friends the next time you get together to crop.

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