More Places To Find Scrapbook Stuff

As I mentioned yesterday, sometimes you can find supplies in places that weren’t made for scrapbookers. Some stores now have small scrapbook sections or carry items that might not be for scrapbooking but could easily be adapted and used. Here are three more obscure places to find scrapbook supplies.

Dollar Stores

This is one of those things that you might get lucky, but then you might strike out. We have several dollar stores in our area that have a very small scrapbook section, however what they offer usually isn’t found anywhere else I’ve seen. I’ve gotten some cool packs of paper and embellishments to use for my scrapbooks. In addition there are tons of aisles at the dollar store that are filled with great merchandise you can try out on a layout. Recently I found a dollar store that was going out of business. They had a huge wall full of scrapbook items and everything was .50 for 2 items. I think I spent $40.00 in there that day, and got more than I could have ever afforded at the scrapbook store!

Home Improvement Stores

I know I have offered this advice before. Home Improvement stores are terrific places to look for fun scrapbooking supplies. And obviously they were not originally intended for your scrapbooks. Typically the items you will find will best be served as embellishments but you can find hinges, metals, charms, paint chips, paint cans to alter and more!

Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores are packed with a plethora of items to use on your layouts. One of our office supply stores here actually has a mini scrapbooking supply section. It doesn’t have much, but it does have some alphabet stickers, die cut packs, and other smaller supplies. But looking beyond that area, there are paper clips in every color and patterns, brads in several different colors, papers, staples, clips, and tons more. Even post it notes can be used on your layouts as a fun journaling block. In addition post it notes make great page holders for magazines and idea books and you can write on them to remind you about a layout you loved, technique you want to try or a tip you think was helpful.

Tomorrow I have two additional locations to explore and show you how to discover the treasures that can be found to add to your scrapbook layouts! Please check out the scrapbooking blog to find more great ideas!