More Qigong Moves

If you liked your first experience with qigong, you may be looking for more meditation moves to try. Here are a few more!

Rocking: stand with your feet about hip-width apart and your knees unlocked. Step forward about a foot with your right foot. With your arms at your sides, bend your elbows about ninety degrees. Keep your palms facing each other. Rock forward, bending your right knee and extending your arms upward as you inhale. Your hands should circle up and away from you. Rock back onto your left knee and circle your hands down as you exhale. Flex your right foot so your toes are off the floor. Do this six to nine times, then switch legs and repeat.

Rocking back and forth while your arms are moving in a circle sounded harder than it actually was. I managed this one without too much trouble, but my dog Lally seemed to think I was making a ball throwing motion and brought me her squeaky toy to toss.

Twist and reach: stand with your feet set wide. Hold your arms in front of you as if holding an imaginary beach ball, with your right hand on top facing downward and your left hand on the bottom facing upward. Shift your weight to the left and twist your torso to the right. Raise your left hand towards the ceiling and lower your right hand towards the floor, making your arms into a diagonal line. Bring your hands back to the beach ball position, with the left on top and the right on the bottom. Shift your weight to the right and twist to the left, bringing your right hand up towards the ceiling and your left hand down towards the floor.

This one took a lot of thinking at first — left what right what? But again, once I found the rhythm, it did have a bit of grace and flow.