More Reading in Second and Third Grade

Previously I began discussing the last of the primary level reading classroom instruction. The article began focusing on students and teachers in the second and third grade classrooms. I began giving some details on how reading instruction at these levels should appear.

Spelling and Writing
At this age, students should be participating in many various writing activities. The teacher should encourage students to write for a variety of reasons and in a variety of forms. The children can take part in reports, poetry, creative stories, personal narratives, and more. The teacher should be pointing out spelling patterns and directing students in how to check, edit, and revise their work along with making maps and outlines of their writing.

The students should be enjoying writing for many different purposes. They should be spelling previously learned words correctly. The students should be aware of ways to find how to spell words correctly by using word walls and reference books.

The teacher introduces new words to the students often. The teacher should find ways to relate the new words and meanings to the student’s previous experiences. The teacher should try to make the words personal to the students. The teachers should also be using new words in his or her instruction.

The students should be using their previous knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and word patterns to determine the meaning of new words. The children should enjoy using and learning unfamiliar words in their speaking and in their writing. The children should also be able to identify the various parts of speech and make sense of verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. They may enjoy using computers for their reference and writing.

The teacher should be monitoring the children’s comprehension of reading by asking questions and discussing the reading selection before, during, and after the reading takes place. The children should learn to monitor their own reading comprehension by asking questions such as “why”, “how”, and “what if”.

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