More Scrapbooking QVC Deals

More Great Deals on QVC

Think that QVC just sells home clothes and jewelry? Well, they also sell a great variety of scrapbooking products. Many of their products are close to regular retail price, but if you keep a close eye on what they are selling, you can find some real deals.

I’d like to share some of the scrapbooking deals I have discovered lately on QVC.

American Crafts Ribbon.

Many scrapbookers know the quality of American Crafts ribbon. It is double-sided, thick ribbon available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. QVC sells 5 sets of ribbon (each with 6 spools) for $24.82. Retail price is $7.99 per set, making all of this ribbon retail for $40.00. You can choose from the Uptown or the Downtown colors. You get 120 feet of ribbon in each kit. The item number is F00497.

L’il Davis Vintage Wood Letters.

I figure that a scrapbooker can never have enough alphabets and this letter kit will surely keep you stocked. It includes 12 packages of letters in six different colors. Six of the packages are uppercase and six of them are lowercase. Each package retails for $6, so these would regularly cost $72, but QVC is selling them for only $26.35. Now that is a savings. If you don’t want that many letters, you could split it with a friend. The item number is F00418.

Provo Craft’s Alphabet Stickers.

If you want to stock up on letter stickers, then QVC has a kit for you. It includes the 5 newest fonts from Provo Craft in three different sizes with a total of 3400 letters. You can get all of these stickers for under $17.00. If you tried to buy that many letter sticker sheets at a scrapbook store, you would spend a lot more than $17.00. This is item number F9303.

Hope these deals will help you out when you are ready to stock up on some more scrapbooking supplies. If you click on the Crafts section of their site, you can look up their best selling scrapbook products and top 10 favorite kits.