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Now that my daughter’s spring break is over I’ve been sifting through my photos to see how to best design seasonal scrapbook layouts. Unlike some families, we didn’t jet-off to Jamaica, Florida, California or New York for Easter. However, that isn’t stopping me from crafting page designs showcasing the spring-themed activities we did partake in.

When it comes to scrapbooking seasonal events, try to personalize your layouts. While it’s easy to look at someone else’s page designs and simply make a carbon copy; you are better off tailoring your layouts to show-off your personal experiences. For example, this year our spring break was very low-key. We were fortunate to have gorgeous weather, so we spent the majority of the time outdoors playing at parks, hiking, biking and having picnics.

As I sifted through my photos today I noticed a ton were taken during a picnic outing we had with friends right before Easter. Fortunately, the pictures turned out quite nicely, so I am planning to craft a double-page layout featuring this rite of spring.

Picnics are a great activity to scrapbook, even if they don’t yield many mementos. If you have maps or brochures from the park you ate at, you might consider adding them to the page design, but for the most part, I would stick with photos and picnic-themed embellishments. Hopefully, you took a bunch of snapshots of the food and people enjoying the outdoor meal.

Once you select the photos you want to display on the page, turn your attention to the embellishments. Most scrapbook supply shops carry stickers, stamps and die cuts in the shape of picnic baskets, food and ants. In the past I have used ant-shaped stickers to create a border on a picnic-themed page. You can even place the stickers in a zigzag pattern to fill in the gaps between photos and journaling blocks. If you can’t find ant stickers, you could use ant-shaped rubber stamps, or simply draw the ants with an acid-free marker.

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