More Temptations for Kids

Greeeeaaat. As if parents don’t have enough to worry about, now Burger King is offering home delivery. The fast food restaurant’s announcement came just hours after Food Network star Paula Deen finally revealed her Type 2 diabetes diagnoses (and the fact that she is getting paid to be a spokeswoman for pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk) on NBC’s Today show.

Talk about timing.

With childhood obesity at an all-time high (and adult waistline’s expanding as much as ever) does this country really need Double Whoppers with cheese and large fries being delivered to our front door?

What’s more, do parents really need the added worry that a night out on the town with friends could end up in a fast-food frenzy at home with hungry kids speed dialing the local Burger King for a rush delivery on Chicken Fries, Onion Rings, BK Quad Stackers and other high-calorie options they can have “their way”?

Ding-dong! Dinner and a future heart attack are at the front door.

A dream come true for kids… a stomach-churning nightmare for parents.

Thankfully, right now, Burger King’s home delivery is available only in the Washington, D.C.-area. However, if the program is successful, it could be rolled out to the rest of the nation. Currently, orders are only being accepted from customers who live within a 10-minute drive of select home-delivery restaurants. Burger King is also charging $2 for minimum orders of $8 to $10, depending on the store, though I doubt the extra fee will deter tweens or teens who find themselves home alone and hungry on a Friday night.

As for how tasty that Whopper will be after sitting in a car for up to 30 minutes, execs at Burger King say they are planning to use thermal bags to keep food hot and fresh. Fast-food big wigs also revealed that some menu options will not be available for home delivery, such as soda, coffee, shakes and breakfast foods.

Burger King is banking on its new home delivery option to win over customers with its convenience.

How many of you parents are happy with the new service option?

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