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A new survey on expectant parents shows that more and more moms and dads-to-be are keeping the gender of their unborn child a delivery surprise. Not knowing the sex of a baby makes it a bit more challenging for the people throwing the baby shower, especially if said individuals are trying to design a baby scrapbook to present to the expectant guest of honor.

If you are uncomfortable making a book that features generic layouts in gender neutral shades of green/yellow/tan, then consider creating a nursery rhyme theme. Not only are the colors universal, but the little ditties often teach valuable life lessons.

Some scrappable nursery rhymes include:

*Hey Diddle-Diddle

*Humpty Dumpty

*Little Bo Peep

*Jack and Jill

*Rock-a-Bye Baby

*Baa-Baa Black Sheep

The simple rhymes lend themselves to a litany of cute and colorful layouts for a baby scrapbook. Whether you are designing the book for an unborn child or one who has already made his debut, be sure that you include the entire nursery rhyme somewhere in the design or at least on a corresponding page. Doing so will provide context to the overall design and make the book fun to read.

One of the luxuries of creating a nursery rhyme-themed scrapbook is that you can make it as elaborate or simple as you wish. Since the rhymes are so popular, and use such basic objects in their descriptions, you won’t have any problem finding the materials and embellishments needed to create a winning layout. For example, if you are putting together a Hey Diddle Diddle page, look for die cuts or stickers that feature cows, cats, fiddles, spoons, and dishes. Next, look for photos that will further accent the theme. Perhaps, you could include a picture of a baby trying solid foods for the first time with the silver spoon he received as a shower gift. Otherwise, consider adding bedtime photos or pictures of your baby in his decorated nursery.

Photos of sleeping children also make a good fit for a Rock-a-Bye Baby layout. To spice up this page design, add some paper with a green, leafy pattern to mimic a tree and its branches. Then, use photos of the baby asleep in his cradle.

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