More Tips to Organizing Your Scrapbooking

Here are a few more tips for organizing your scrapbooking and time.
These methods should help you with time management as well as keeping your creativity flowing.

Store small items with care – Lisa Andrews recently wrote the article Scrapbook Organization: Small Embellishments. She offered some great advice on storing smaller embellishments. It’s important to take great care when organizing these smaller items and storing them. If they accidentally get dropped or knocked it can be quite the mess to clean up. Practicing good storage on these items, can ensure that never happens.

Keep your mementos together – If you store all memorabilia from an event together, it makes it easier when you are ready to scrapbook. You can either place these in the Page Kits I talked about in Tips to Organizing Your Scrapbooking or you can place them in file folders, plastic shoe box storage containers, or anything else you can think of.

Label Your Supplies – If you go to crops or classes a lot, you really should label all your supplies. You can use stickers, a black permanent marker and either write your name, or initials. I even do that on each individual pen I bring. Then there is no question whose pen is the pen that was left on the table.

Put it back! – When you take something out, after it’s used, put it back. It will save you time and energy when you need it later. I always set aside about 2-5 minutes after a scrapbooking session to be sure everything is back where it goes.

Keep it simple – Simplify your scrapbook area and your layouts. It helps with time management and a more harmonious balance in life. Using these tips, and keeping everything simple, should help you find more time to scrapbook, everything will be easy to find and your creativity will flow quite naturally. Good luck!