More Ways to Scrapbook for Less

Less doesn’t have to equate to ugly or lacking, especially when it comes creating super scrapbook layouts. Rather, you can design amazing pages even if you are working on a tight budget.

Frugal scrappers know how to make what they have work for them. Instead of bemoaning your situation, look for ways you can embellish pages for pennies by recycling ribbon, buttons, charms, fabric scraps or other trinkets socked away in various parts of your home.

Another way you can stretch your scrapbooking dollar is to look for sales or shop at discount stores. Or better yet, shop sales at discount stores. I can always count on Wal-Mart to carry cheap, yet cute, scrapbook stickers and stamps. Ditto for Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, which also offer weekly coupons, so you can save even more supporting your hobby. The popular craft stores also have “bargain bins” where off season merchandise is marked down as much as 80 percent in some cases.

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to pre-plan layouts. I always stock up on seasonal stickers at post Halloween and after Christmas sales. Then, I save the stickers and use them for the following year or I wait a few weeks and design my holiday pages after I shop the sales.

Another great way to save on scrapbook stickers is to shop online. Stickers Galore advertises dirt cheap scrapbook stickers that you can filter by theme or price. If you can’t find stickers to use in a layout from their website, then you must be incredibly picky because I have never visited Stickers Galore without drooling over at least a dozen options—-even the ones on clearance.

The only reason some of the selections are drastically reduced in price is that the stickers are either discontinued or feature outdated colors or designs. The stickers adhere to scrapbook pages just as well as their regular-priced counterparts. However, I will mention that most of the super cheap stickers are on the small side. Still, you could easily layer them so they don’t get lost on your page.

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