More Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas is getting close, but some of us still have decorating to do! Even if you are already finished displaying your regular decorations, you probably have room for at least a centerpiece or two. Maybe you’d like something to dress up your dinner table, although these ideas can be used to decorate any surface.

Peppermint Pleasures

Place a white pillar candle on a clear glass plate. Tie a red ribbon around the candle and then surround it with unwrapped red and white peppermint disk candies and small and large traditional candy canes. You can make a similar centerpiece using other types of candies or other colors.

Holly Jolly Christmas

Place a thick red pillar candle on a white plate. Purchase a package of spearmint gumdrop candy, shaped like leaves, and a bag of regular gumdrops. Arrange the leaves around the candle to look like holly, using red gumdrops for berries. Red gumballs or other red candies will also work.

Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

Line a basket with Christmas wrapping paper or a Christmas themed hand towel. Fill the basket with both red and green apples. Polish the apples before placing them in the basket, so they will be nice and shiny.

Fill a large serving bowl with assorted types of fruits, stacking the fruit pyramid style. Decorate with bows and other accessories. Attach accessories to floral wire and stick the wire in between pieces of fruit. If you don’t have floral wire, you can use twist ties. If you are going to be traveling, you can bring these decorations along for a snack to enjoy while on the road.

*Each of these centerpieces will bring charm to your Christmas dinner table or make your coffee table or sideboard more festive. Try making a pair of these table decorations and use them to spruce up your end tables.