More Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

There’s not much time left. Christmas is less than one week away. You probably have things well in order You’ve planned your menu and you may have already purchased the foods you need to make Christmas dinner. Maybe you’ve finished Christmas shopping and you even have all the gifts wrapped and ready to go. Still, something is missing. You’d like to add just a few more decorations around your home, but you simply don’t think you have the time or the money. Sure, you do!

Here are some simple ideas that you can put together easily in the time it takes to wrap a Christmas present, because that is essentially what you will be doing. The best part is you can complete these projects using items you already have around the house.

Gather empty boxes or flat pieces of cardboard in assorted sizes and wrap each one with leftover wrapping paper. Add bows and ribbon or any embellishment you choose to make them look like beautiful gifts.

Fill an empty corner with holiday cheer by stacking up faux gifts from large to small. You can also hang these items up to use as wall art. On the other hand, you can also wrap up existing artwork and re-hang it. It only takes a few seconds to remove the paper and put things back once Christmas is over.

Another idea is to wrap tiny boxes and use them as table displays or use them to hold place cards at the dinner table.

Try these ideas and use your imagination to come up with other great ways to make quick decorations and use all that leftover wrapping paper. You can even wrap up food storage containers if you don’t have any boxes left. Almost anything will do, and soon every empty space will be bursting with bright, festive decorations.