More Tips to Limit Clutter

We all have items in our homes that we really don’t use. If we get rid of non-essential items, we can make more room for the good stuff.

It’s Okay to Throw it Away

Many times the knowledge that we spent a lot of money for a certain item, keeps us from getting rid of it. No matter how much money something cost, it has no real value if we don’t use it. If it is something that no one else needs or can use, and you know you’ll never use it again, throw it away. I understand this compulsion as well as anyone, because I hate to waste. I just keep reminding myself that wasting space that could be better utilized is also wasteful.

Donate to Charity

Donating items that you no longer use is a great service to the community as well as to your family. Knowing that someone is benefiting from your things will definitely boost your morale and encourage you to give more away. At the same time, you’ll be ridding your home of clutter. Giving to charity is also a great example for children.

Sort Books and Magazines

Any magazine that is more than six months old should go. Make a folder so you can clip special items and keep them in the folder instead of keeping stacks of magazines. When the folder is full, sort and remove items that are no longer of interest. With books, a good rule is to get rid of any book that you have already read twice.

Some professional organizers suggest getting rid of every book you have read once. As a voracious reader myself, I have on many occasions re-read books. I feel there is nothing wrong with keeping books that you honestly believe you will read again.

Also, if you have a special collection of books from a particular genre or author, find a good location to keep these items. Those books you won’t read again or aren’t saving for special reasons should be donated or may be exchanged for different titles at used bookstores. If you exchange them, you are taking out as many as you bring in.