Mother’s Day Bulletin Board Craft

Busy Moms will appreciate this gift that kids can make because it’s stylish and functional. Design the bulletin board to match a room in the house where Mom will use it, such as the kitchen or entryway. She might also want to have a bulletin board in her bedroom or office to tack up those cute Mother’s Day cards you’re sure to give her!

Make some cute tacks to go along with the bulletin board and you’ve got a winning gift.

You will need:

Plain bulletin board

Acrylic Paint

Paint brush

Trim such as rick rack, fake fur or wide ribbon

Strong glue such as Crafter’s Pick Super Glue or E-6000

Small decorative items such as buttons, Scrabble tiles or small fake flowers


1. Paint the bulletin board with the acrylic paint. You can do it all one color or paint stripes or blocks of different colors. Let dry completely.

2. Glue some trim around the edges. Let dry.

3. Use a strong glue to glue decorative items to tacks. Buttons are cute, but let your imagination go wild. Does Mom love monkeys? Glue on some of those red monkeys you get in the Barrel of Monkeys game. Does she love games? Try small dominoes, Scrabble tiles or Tiddly Winks. Does she have a favorite soda? Try bottle caps from the soda. If you don’t have any ideas, check out the scrapbooking section and the miniatures section of the craft store. There are all sorts of little trinkets that would work as decorative tacks. Let the glue dry completely.

Tack some fun notes to the board before giving it to Mom, such as “We’re stuck on you!” or some other silly saying.