Mother’s Day is Hard

Mother’s Day is hard. It is hard for those whose family is far away and cannot get to visit. Hard for those who are estranged from their mother. Or for the mother estranged from her children for whatever reason. Hard for those who wanted children and were unable to have them. Hard for those who have a difficult relationship with their mother. Hard for those who’s mother has died or is in the process of dying.

My Mom died 28 years ago, yet I still find certain times hard. Mother’s Day is one of them. When my Mom was alive I’d look for months beforehand for the right gift and I’d go from shop to shop searching for that special card that said exactly what I wanted to say – to a mother who was also special friend. (At that stage I wasn’t writing myself.)

When it comes around to Mother’s Day I tend to get sooky. (I think this is an Aussie word -translation – teary, emotional, sentimental.) When my poem ‘Brass Kaleidoscope’ was read on the New York radio show ‘Night Rhythms,’ the DJ played a song to go with the poem. The song was ‘In My Daughter’s Eyes.’ I’d not heard of the song or Martina McBride before, but I googled it, found and watched it on You Tube. It reduced me to tears. Yes, I get soppy around Mother’s Day.

I’m sure my darling husband knew, because he suggested a day date. We drove up to Greenwell Point and watched a flock of pelicansperforming amusing antics then lunched near the river, marveling at the beauty of God’s creation.

After that we hopped back in the car and drove back to Callala Beach where we walked hand in hand along the sand towards Myola. All the time thanking God for bringing us to such a beautiful part of His world where all these pristine beaches and waterways are on our doorstep or near enough.

On the way home we stopped off to buy some sweet peas and pansies. Not a bunch of flowers but flowers to plant. Well, for him to plant. He knows I love the perfume and color of Sweet Peas and Pansies, with what my daughter and I call their ‘happy faces.’ What a beautiful day date!

But back to Mother’s Day. This week I sent a card to a friend, who lives a long way away. I purposely sent it to arrive near Mother’s Day. No, it isn’t a Mother’s Day card. It is just a pretty card to let her know I’m thinking of her and praying for her as she’s going through a hard time. That hard time is made harder by a family over the other side of Australia who can’t be with her on Mother’s Day. But at least she’ll know someone cares and is praying for her.

This Mother’s Day don’t just remember your Mom but spare a thought and prayer for those who find Mother’s Day hard. It might be someone in your church or community feeling lonely, missing family. Maybe you could invite them over for coffee or for lunch, share a special bible verse with them, or find another way to let them know they have not be forgotten but are important to you and to God.

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