Mother’s Day Scrapbook

You might not be thinking about Mother’s Day yet but it’s a good time to start coming up with some creative gift ideas. A wonderful gift to present your mother with would be a scrapbook. A scrapbook that you create not only preserves special memories for her but gives that personal touch.

There are so many different types of scrapbooks that you could create. If you can get your hands on some of her childhood pictures or memorabilia you could put together something very special. This treasured scrapbook could then be passed on down through the family.

Another idea is to create a wedding scrapbook. No matter how old your mother is or how many years she has been married, if you can get hold of her wedding photos you can create a beautiful scrapbook. Since scrapbooks are a relatively new idea most likely her wedding photos will be stuck in old photo albums. With care you can remove them and turn them into a wonderful memory keeper.

A scrapbook of the grandkids would also make a great Mother’s Day gift. Put together a fun, lively scrapbook filled with precious memories of the grandkids. For an additional special touch, have the grandchildren fill the pages with their handwritten notes to grandma.

How about putting together a scrapbook of her pet(s)? You can even incorporate pictures of those pets that have passed away. This can be a nice way of helping her to remember the animals she loved and care for.

If you are lucky enough to have lots of old family pictures you could even create a family tree scrapbook. The scrapbook would take you through the family line while displaying pictures of family members.

There is enough time to get your creative juices flowing, come up with some ideas, begin to purchase the supplies and spend the time necessary to create something truly wonderful. A Mother’s Day scrapbook really would make a perfect gift.

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