Mother/Son Project

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For years my son would chime in and answer math questions and geography questions posed to his big sister. I was so proud to have a son a few years ahead. Then my pride turned into laughter as he answered time and time again that football was his source of information. He knows as much as any EPSN sportscaster. When fantasy football comes around adult men respect his opinion. Once I purchased a small history of football book for him and it turned out to be one of his favorite books. His love of football inspired me to learn more about the game. It also sparked an idea.

If my son could learn so much through football then maybe other football loving kids would enjoy learning lessons using football. So from there a idea was born to write a unit study on football. For the past few years, I was caught up with other projects and placed this on the back burner. Then I had an idea. Why not allow my son to co-author the unit study? After all, I had asked him advice on what to include and how football is scored and so on. He gave terrific answers and helped me shape the direction of be study. What started as my project has turned into a mother/son project. We are both excited about the project.

Teaching and writing lessons offers a different perspective on topics. It solidifies and challenges your knowledge while teaching you how to effectively convey a topic. My son’s participation in this unit study will benefit him greatly academically. He will learn how to convey his knowledge, write effectively, think critically, and learn the basics of designing ebooks and marketing. In addition, it is a project we can do together.

Does your child have a topic he is passionate about? Why not help him write a study or teach younger siblings about it?