Movie Bloopers: Star Wars: A New Hope

I love watching old movies with my kids, but sometimes those oldies-but-goodies do get a little tired. Here’s a way to watch them with a whole new perspective: Look for Bloopers! There are many web sites dedicated to finding flaws in films. Some are so minor they fall in the category of who cares? Or some that are so minute I haven’t been able to pick them out. But others, like these from the original Star Wars movie, make you wonder why you never noticed them before.

So get out the popcorn and a snugly blanket and pop in the DVD (or old-school VHS!) and watch out for these Bloopers.

During the scene with the trash compactor, and the storm troopers are running, one of them hits his head on the door frame and falls down.

When R2-D2 wakes up after he’s been placed in the sand crawler, watch very carefully and you’ll get a peek at Kenny Baker, the actor inside the robot, when R2-D2 turns his head. You can see Kenny’s face through the window. Peek-a-boo!

Luke accidentally calls the character Princess Leia by her real name in the scene after he blows up the Death Star and comes back to base. As he steps out of the cockpit on to the ladder, Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) runs up and shouts, “Luke!” If you listen carefully, you’ll notice he says, “Carrie!” Oops.

Watch for the shadows of Luke and Princess Leia in the corridor as Han Solo and Chewie enter the corridor leading to the Death Star main docking bay where the storm troopers are guarding the Falcon. They are waiting for their cue to run in!

Pause the last scene in the movie. Do some of the audience members seem a little, well, stiff? That’s because some of them are stiff–they’re cardboard cutouts!

If these leave you hungry for more, type “Star Wars Bloopers” into a search engine and you’ll get plenty of sites fun by fanatics who can point out hundreds of errors.