Movie Time!

Arrange a date for your children to invite a few friends over and let them have a movie marathon. Rent a bunch of age appropriate movies and provide plenty of drinks and snacks. You might even want to go with a theme, such as choosing a bunch of different cartoons, action movies, or comedies. You might want to have a Sponge Bob Saturday, or choose any day of the week that works for you, any time during summer vacation.

Movies and Popcorn

If you choose a particular character, you might also want to pick up some Sponge Bob plates, napkins or favors. Make it a real party even though you’re not celebrating a birthday. Your kids and their friends will have a great time.

Another idea is to let kids make their own movies. Let them write the scripts, make the sets, design the costumes, and direct. You will probably want to do the filming, or at least help with this part of the movie making.

Another idea is to have other kids over for just a couple of hours to watch one movie. You can make a weekly date for movie day (or night) at your home. The kids can vote each week to decide what movie to watch next week, and parents can take turns buying, renting, or loaning movies for the event. You might even be able to get other parents to bring snacks or to take turns hosting movie time at their homes from week to week.

Getting involved with other kids and families is a great way to make summer vacation less hectic and more enjoyable for children and grown ups alike. Parents can get together to come up with different ideas, plan dates, and decide who plays host for which event. It’s a great way to make sure your kids, and theirs, are never bored. If you find enough available parents to participate, this could just be their best summer vacation yet!