Movies Week in Review: January 7th – January 12th

Looking for some great movies to watch? Whether you prefer the old classics or the new releases, this week you’ll find something that will appeal to you.

First is “I’d Climb the Highest Mountain,” an unrated film starring Susan Hayward as a young bride going to live in the mission field of Georgia with her idealistic husband. Together they face trial and tragedy, and she feels like quitting and going home to her parents, but in the end they grow closer together and more committed to the ministry. I greatly enjoyed this film.

Next comes “Swing Time,” a Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers film about dancing, love, show business, and poofy dresses. If you love this dynamic duo, you’ll like this unrated film.

A Beautiful Mind” stars Russell Crowe and is the story of John Nash, Nobel Prize winner and brilliant mathematician. John overcame the crippling effects of schizophrenia with the help of his loving wife Alicia (Jennifer Connelly) and while he continued to deal with the symptoms, he didn’t let them ruin his life. This PG-13 film is thought-provoking, incredible, and intense.

Hidalgo” is rated PG-13 and tells us the story of Frank Hopkins, a real person from early American West history. A Pony Express rider, Frank is hailed as being the best horseman alive, and is challenged by the Bedouin riders of Arabia to a horse race across the desert in a competition called “The Ocean of Fire.” Frank’s story is inspiring and exciting.

Waitress” stars Kerri Russell as an abused wife who discovers that she’s pregnant. Realizing that this puts a crimp in her plans to leave her husband, she doesn’t want the baby, although she’s determined to have it and raise it. While having her prenatal visits, she falls for her doctor, but in the end finds the strength to get rid of her husband and break things off with the doctor, realizing that she’s now strong enough to make her future herself. This film is rated PG-13 and I recommend you read the whole review for different content warnings.

I’m glad you were able to stop by in Movies today. Hopefully we’ll see you next week as well!