Movies Week in Review – May 26th – 31st

Looking for something fun to watch? Maybe one of these movies will fit your mood.

Anchors Aweigh” is a song-and-dance movie starring Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra as two sailors aboard a submarine. After performing a heroic act, they are rewarded with four days of shore leave in California, and head off to pursue something beautiful that wears a skirt. However, their plans are sidetracked by a little boy who wants to run away to join the Navy. They take him home and meet Aunt Susie, the lovely and talented Kathryn Grayson, and help her attain an audition with conductor and pianist Jose Iturbi, making her dreams come true. This is also the movie that features the famous dance number with Gene Kelly and Jerry the Mouse.

Yentl” is one of the most soul-stirring movies Barbra Streisand ever made. Yentl is the daughter of a rabbi, and in a time when women weren’t allowed to study Talmud, her father taught her every night, in private. When he suddenly dies, in order to continue her education, Yentl dresses as a boy and goes to a nearby yeshiva school, where she falls in love with her roommate and has to make the decision of her life – remain a boy and continue her schooling, or live her life as a woman with a husband, but never again be allowed to learn?

We ended the week (accidentally) with another Kathryn Grayson and Jose Iturbi movie, this one also starring Mario Lanza in his first movie role. “That Midnight Kiss” is the story of a young lady who wants to be an opera star, her inability to sing romantic songs to the overweight tenor, and her search for the leading man that will inspire her to perform as she should. A charming film, you won’t want to miss this one.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s selection of movies, and that you’ll join us again here in Movie Reviews.