Moving at 10 Weeks

We are currently in the midst of loading the seventeen foot truck we rented this morning to move across country. While we were filling out paper work for the truck, there was a light breeze and a pleasant temperature. Now it’s just hot! Loading a big truck in the heat is never fun for anyone, but it is particularly nausea inducing at near ten weeks of pregnancy. I knew this was going to be a tough move. Thankfully, my parents flew one of my sisters out to help us and she and my husband have been doing all the heaving lifting while I continue to pack and bring out smaller items. I have to stop and eat something ever forty-five minutes or so to keep the more severe nausea away.

After planning this move for over two months, I really thought clearing out the house would go a lot quicker. Perhaps it’s just my pregnancy induced urgency? Based on our last moving experience, we had the apartment nearly empty, certainly visibly empty, in less than an hour. We’ve been out this for the last four hours … progress is inevitable, albeit slow. At least the closets are empty.

After we clear the house of pretty much everything, we still have to clean: walls, floors, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, cabinets, crayon marks, general dusting etc. I think I’d rather clean than pack and load. Of course cleaning will be much easier when everything is out.

In the meantime, it’s back to packing and loading. Once we get the bigger items in the truck, I’m sure I will feel much better about our progress. It’s the little items that are holding us back and the need to not take useless junk with us. So back to sorting through things I didn’t know we had. It would be really nice if I could squeeze in a nap today. I think I have exercising for today covered!