Moving Gift for a Friend

Moving scrapbook

When a good friend is moving away, it can sometimes be challenging to think of something that would be a meaningful gift or memento for them to take along with them to help them remember where they lived. Recently, a group of my friends put together an album for some friends that were moving.

I’d like to share a few things that I learned from this project that should help it run smoothly for you and help you create a very meaningful gift for a friend.

1. Pass out a page protector with a sheet of white cardstock and instructions at least 2 weeks prior to the time you want to give the album. Including cardstock is important because many non-scrappers may participate, but they would have the paper.

Here is a sample of what your instructions could say:

The Smiths are moving. We are creating a scrapbook to help them remember their friends and special experiences here. Please include any photos you have with them, write about a memorable experience you had together, or just write them a note wishing them well on their new adventure! Please return your page by November 12.

2. Buy an album that is easily expandable. I recommend using a 3-ring binder so that it is easy for your friend to add any last minute pages. Your friends may also want to add a few pages of their own.
3. Include pictures of their home, school, and neighborhood. Especially if they are not scrapbookers, they will really appreciate these pictures since they may not thought of taking them.
4. Consider offering to ship the album to your friend’s now home so that they do not have to worry about it in the move.

I think that makes a perfect going away gift because your friend is able to take a piece of each of their friends away with them.

This would also work well as a gift from co-workers for someone who is retiring.

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