Multi Level Marketing – Effective or Evil?

We’ve all been pounced on by people selling cosmetics or cleaning products. They want us to buy the products, but what they REALLY want you to do is to start a business – and convince others to start a business.

Some of you may have even decided to try some of those businesses and may be feeling disoriented by them. You may have decided that these businesses don’t work and that they are simply scams.

While I definitely think that there are some businesses out there that really aren’t in it to sell products, there are also some great Multi Level Marketing companies that you might want to consider.

So, how do you decide if an opportunity is the real deal? Here are a few tips:

Look at the Products
Does the business offer a good product? Is it something that’s high quality? Is there a market for their product? You want to make sure that it is possible to run the business even without trying to get other people to build the business. It should be a product that stands alone and that is appealing to potential customers.

Ask Questions
Ask lots of questions! Find out how much the average representative sells each month and how much time they are spending on their business. Make sure you get the facts about the average person, not the huge numbers being brought in by the upper level executives in the company. Ask about what training is provided and what support systems are in place.

Consider the Investment
How much of an initial investment is required? Is it an amount that you can afford to lose? If you find out that the business is not for you or that it doesn’t work the way you were told that it would, it is important to be able to back out without being in financial trouble. For businesses that suggest you purchase inventory, ask if you can start with a small amount and also find out the return policy if you decide not to do the business.

Is it Your Thing?
With all of these companies you are selling a product – whether it be through parties or direct marketing or the internet. Make sure that it is a product that you like, that you would use yourself and that you believe in. If you don’t like makeup and never wear it, then a cosmetics business is probably not for you. Instead, try to find a business that fits your interests and talents.