Music Inspired Theme Room

This theme room idea uses just a few punches of color here and there but mainly uses graphic elements and the stark contrast of black against white to make a statement. Any music lover will feel right at home in this kind of room, especially those that love the piano.

These ideas are elements that I picture when I think of a great music room and are provided for inspiration. Your creative touches will make the space even better.

Start with white walls and a black and white floor tiles in a checkerboard pattern. Most of the elements you use in this space should have clean lines, so go for window shades instead of fussy treatments. Paint the shades to look like piano keys, and paint a sisal rug or vinyl-flooring remnant to match.

A piano phone will also add to charm as will musical notes embellished on drawer and cabinet pulls. Try a great theme clock, like this incredible treble clef wall clock available at Stacks and Stacks.

Besides pianos, other instruments will also enhance this theme. Shop vintage and thrift shops for old instruments and music stands that have seen better days. Clean them up and display them in the space. It doesn’t matter if they don’t work, because they are meant for use as decorative elements. Try adding a lamp kit to an instrument for a one of a kind lamp.

Use a projector to blow up a picture of a musician blowing a sax or a trumpet and trace it onto the wall. Trace only the contours and fill in with black paint for a cool silhouette. Alternatively, you can hand old vinyl records on the wall. Use 45’s or old albums and album covers, or you can mix and match.

Music Theme Room

For punches of color, red, hot pink or brilliant blue accent the stark contrast of black and white perfectly. In a feminine music room, roses make a great accent.