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This past weekend, I made a visit to our friendly neighborhood bakery thrift store. You may have read some of my earlier blogs all about this wonderful store. It is a place where I can get breads and other Pepperidge Farm goods for deep discounts.

I like to keep baked goods and the ingredients to make baked goods well on hand. This means that I am always seeking ways to add to my stockpile. I do this through that bakery thrift store, but also through buying baking ingredients in bulk and with sales and coupons.

Sometimes, I can even stock up on bakery type snacks, but the store-bought kind and the homemade.

This is what my weekend yielded.

20 individual packages of goldfish “Physedibles” cookies; cost: $1. Yes, that amounts to only $.05 each package of cookies. These will be great for lunch boxes, trips to the park, and to keep in the car when the toddler hungry monsters strike. This was a phenomenal bargain.

6 individual packages of milano cookies (4 large cookies in each bag for a total of 24 cookies); cost $1. Milano cookies are a real treat in this house. I couldn’t pass up that price.

4 loaves of raisin swirl bread; cost: $4. Not only will these make great toast, but I will also make them into french toast and for fun, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

6 loaves of whole wheat bread; cost $6. I’ll freeze the bulk of these and then take out a loaf as needed. I can freeze them as in the package and thaw them quickly on the countertop.

Bulk non bleached flour (20 pounds); cost: $10. To keep large amounts of flour from getting bugs, first place the flour in the freezer for 24 hours. If I had more organized storage, I might get 100 pounds for only $15 at the bakery supply store. Anyone want to go halves?

2 pounds of cornmeal; cost: $.59. Cornmeal is great for homemade corn muffins, cornmeal pancakes and more.

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