My Daughter

From the moment I knew I was pregnant with my second child, I had my fingers crossed that my newly conceived baby was a girl. Having a boy first was perfect. Growing up I always wondered what it would have been like to have an older brother and I kind of wished that I had an older brother too. When we found out that our unborn baby was a girl, I cried tears of joy. In my mind this was perfect: first a boy then a girl. For the remainder of my pregnancy I wondered what my daughter would be like and who she would look like. I secretly hope that she will be like me: a complete girly girl. I also wondered if she would be like her big brother. I just assumed that she would be similar as a baby to how her brother was as a baby. She could not be more different. From the moment she was born it was evident that she was quite different. She was born covered in vernix, her brother was not. Once her lungs were clear she was ready to nurse. She latched on well, not unlike her brother, but she unlatched as soon as she was full, unlike her brother. She slept well from the very beginning. Although she prefers to sleep next to me, she also sleeps well by herself. During the day she will put herself to sleep and does not insist on being held. She is a mild tempered baby. She only cries for a good reason and is easily soothed. She loves to be rocked and is a good cuddler. She seems to have a very easy going personality (hopefully that does not change). She began to smile readily at about four weeks, which seemed early to me; of course I am impressed by my baby. She is incredibly alert and she will lock her eyes on me and watch me as I go about daily tasks while she sits contently in her bouncy seat. She puts up with her brother’s very excited and sometimes forceful hugs and even gives him a smile every once in a while. I call her my angel baby. She is such a good baby; a gift from God (just like her brother). She is my daughter. I am a very proud mommy!