My Day- I have a Substitute!

Today as you are reading this article, I will have a substitute in my classroom. I hope that all is well with her and my students.

I am venturing with my mom and two children to Nashville, TN. There I will be visiting Pennington Elementary School’s field day. My twin first grade nieces attend this school. They have no idea that we are coming and they will be truly surprised to see us at their school!

I am very excited about getting to view a Nashville school. Teachers always find pleasure in observing and seeing how other schools are decorated and set-up. We are also interested in how other teachers conduct class and the ideas that they have. Teachers love to spend time in the classrooms of other teachers. We enjoy learning and discussing things that are the same and different from our routines and schedules.

My school’s field day is next Thursday. I am very anxious to see how a field day in Nashville compares to a field day in Lawrenceburg. I hope to bring home new ideas to share with my school.

It will also be nice to be on the other end of a school function. I have never been a ‘visitor’ at a school activity. I will only have my two children to look after. I am hoping to have a very relaxed and enjoyable time with my family. I hope that the teacher in me does not come out too much. Around a group of children, it is sometimes difficult to refrain from the typical control and order that teachers exhibit over their students.

I am sure that today will be a wonderful experience. Wish me (and my substitute) luck today! I will update you on all the new, cool discoveries that I have made!

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