My Dream

I had a dream this morning that I was sitting in my living room with the roof of my home gone. Circling around was this eagle looking for prey. I find this dream so interesting as I just got done writing my blog called Freedom in Christ. Unlike many of my dreams, I think I might be able to explain this one…

In my dream, while sitting in my living room, I felt a sense of vulnerability. In my home were children; not my two boys—though these were my children in my dream. I felt helpless as the eagle circled. I held one baby close but there was no where to secure the other children. The children were oblivious to the predator. My dream ended with my eyes discovering the ceiling of my living room where I’d been napping.

In this dream and because of the blog I’d written prior, I believe the eagle symbolized the enemy searching for whom he’d devour. I don’t think these children represented any children I know, but perhaps people in general who are oblivious to the enemy of their soul.

Maybe some of my feelings in this dream have to do with the fact my son’s birth mother keeps having babies and I want desperately to protect them all but have no control. We are not taking any more children at this time due to our current family’s needs. I’m sure there is a fear these children will go somewhere where we’ll never know them.

Regardless, I know the eagle in my dream was looking to snatch those who were unsuspecting. I think about how people in life get so caught up in what they do day in and day out and don’t realize they really do need a savior and a protective covering. There really is an enemy of their soul and we really do need a protective covering for safety.

I will continue to pray and ask God to use me to help others who might be in need of covering and a savior. I Pray people’s eyes will be open.

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