My Experience with the AMC Free Popcorn (& a few updates)

Hi readers! I’m sorry for my recent absence—I’ve been recovering from a flu bug for the past two weeks. Just when I had thought I was getting better, my husband and I had some friends visiting for the weekend, and I pushed myself a little bit too hard, and ended up getting winded again.

But I have great news for you! Remember that freebie I posted a few weeks ago, for the FREE small popcorn at an AMC movie? It works wonderfully! While our friends were visiting we decided to go see “Over the Hedge” (a hilarious movie, by the way!), and we printed the coupons out for each of us. We weren’t sure if they would accept them, as the coupons stipulate an AMC “Select” movie, but there is no indication of what they consider “Select.” We handed the coupons to the person doling out the popcorn at the concession stand, and happily walked away with our free popcorn!

And the “small” popcorn? It was quite a bit larger than I expected it to be! The few times that I have gotten a small popcorn have always been in the child’s tray (I was a college student not too long ago, and the child’s tray provides a small popcorn, small drink, and a candy—at around $3 it’s a bargain for a students). The popcorn used to be spread over the bottom of the tray, keeping it less messy for children than in a bag where half can spill out from small fingers reaching in. The small popcorn was definitely a great deal for FREE!

So, if you wondered about the quality (or would that be quantity?) of the small popcorn, and whether it’s even worth bothering to print the coupon, worry no longer. It’s definitely worth the few seconds it takes to print the coupon. So, if you are planning on going to the movies before June 16, don’t forget to use the coupon and get your FREE popcorn!

Here are some features that I am working on for the next few weeks:

  • Summer is coming soon, and with that comes the extra heat. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a bunch of freebies and deals that can help you stay feeling fresh and clean even in the midst of extreme heat from the summer sun. Stay tuned for my summer freebies series!
  • With Father’s Day coming soon I’ll be scouring the web for great deals and freebies for that special man in your life!
  • Summer is a time for cookouts and barbecues with family and friends. I’ll be sharing some offers for free cookbooks and snacks to help you enjoy the summer!

All of this and more will be featured throughout the end of May and the whole month of June.