My Favorite “Go To” Techniques Part 1

We all have them. They are our favorite techniques that we go to time and time again. They are like old friends that you can really count on. What are some of your favorite “go to” techniques? I would like to share some of mine with you.

Using paint

There are some many things that I love about using paint on my projects. I love that it is a little (sometimes a lot) messy and can cover up other mistakes. Here are some of my favorite things to do with paint.

1. Mixing custom colors. I love that I can create any color to match my layout just by mixing colors. I love the challenge of finding just the right mix to create the prefect match for my page.

2. Making borders. Using a foam brush with the paint, I love to quickly brush around the perimeter of my page to make a quick boarder. This works especially well when the same paint color has been used on another element on the page (like stamping a title with foam stamps or painting chipboard shapes) because it really helps pull the layout together. You can also paint quick borders around your photos.

3. Outlining ghost shapes. I love to use Heidi Swapp’s clear ghost shapes and alphabets on my layouts. Sometimes that work perfectly just as they are. Other times I like to add a little paint around the edge of the share or letter just to help it stand out a little better on the page.

Combining Patterned Paper

Whenever I’m not sure how to start a layout, I just reach for a piece of patterned paper that feels like it will support the story I want to tell with my photos. Seeing the colors and patterns in the paper almost always gets my mind working helps me start the creative process.

I love to combine at least 2 different sheets of patterned paper on my layouts. My “go-to” technique with patterned paper it to make a page border along the bottom of the page. This usually includes about a 3-inch strip of paper with a 1-inch strip of paper right up against it. Even if the border doesn’t end up as a final element on the page, it helps get my mind moving and let me start to think about some other possibilities for the page.

Think about your favorite techniques. Maybe you can think up a new way to use an old technique.

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