My Favorite Wet Adhesives

Without adhesives in scrapbooking, we wouldn’t get very far. They are an absolute basic essential for holding anything together on your layout. There are two general categories for adhesives: wet and dry. Wet adhesives require some drying time after you apply them to your project. Dry adhesives (tape for example) can just be applied to your project and do not require any drying time.

In this blog I will share three of my favorite wet adhesives. If you would like to read about my favorite dry adhesives, you can read Favorite Dry Adhesives.

Glue stick. This is a great all-purpose adhesive. Check the label to make sure that it says acid free. You can use this to attach small paper embellishments, photos mats or strips of patterned paper to your layout. I really like to use a glue stick when making cards as well.

Modge Podge. This glue is sold at all craft stores and is a thick white glue. This is a very strong glue that is especially useful when you are altering something that will be handled a lot to insure that things will not come off. Use a foam paintbrush to apply the glue. This can be applied both under the paper to hold it onto the project and then on top of the paper to seal everything to the project.

Diamond Glaze. This is also a very strong glue that is clear and fairly thin. This glue dries completely clear and dries a little raise off of the page. It is fun to use to both attach thing and to apply over journaling to make a work stand out.

No matter what type of adhesive you decide to use on your layouts and other craft projects, be sure to read the label first to make sure that it is appropriate for the task you need to complete.

What types of wet adhesive do you like to use?