My Five Favorite Tips to Avoid Burnout

I did not listen to advice telling me to sleep when the baby sleeps. Instead I cleaned. I did not listen to the advice to take time for myself. Instead I planned more lessons and tried to squeeze in some work. I did not listen to advice telling me to not worry about the little messes. Rome wasn’t cleaned in a day. Instead I drove myself to the brink trying to get my overflowing “to-do” list done in one day. Then one day I found myself burned out. I was unable to move. Things that were once a joy were now a burden. I implore you to be wiser and do not fall into the trap of neglecting yourself.

If this describes you then I want to challenge you with this:

*What example are you setting for your children when you neglect yourself?

*Who will take care of your family if you run yourself ragged and cannot function?

*Are you glorifying your Heavenly Father when you do not take care of His beloved (you) so you are in prime spiritual and emotional shape to be available to Him and the work He has for you?

My Five Favorite Tips to Avoid Burn-Out

Hour Break: Everyday schedule an hour long “quiet time”. Older children and take this time to read while younger children can nap. You can schedule documentary time instead if that suits you. Then use this hour to read, take a bath, take a nap, call a friend, have coffee, whatever makes you happy or relax.

Early Bird: Get up at least one hour earlier than your children. Use this time for your devotions and pray that the Lord will order your steps. You need to run your day and not have your day run you. Start off the day right by getting organized, throwing in a load of laundry, taking the time to eat, time to order your steps, and make breakfast for the kids. Don’t forget to have breakfast and a big cup of coffee or tea for yourself!

Schedule Field Trips: Schedule field trips throughout the year to give everyone something to look forward to. Sometimes a day out is the refresher you need.

Be Realistic: Do not schedule all the projects and tests for all your children closely together. Schedule based on what you can handle not what you think you should be able to handle. Chances are whatever that is will be different for everyone. That’s okay.

Take Time to Play: Add in the fun. Every now and then plan an afternoon of board games or a day you do art at the park. Plan to watch a documentary but make it more like a fun movie complete with popcorn and snacks.

Simple solutions like those will change your attitude and keep your fresh.

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