My Five Month Old Daughter

Yesterday was my daughter’s five month birthday. I spent the day in awe of how much my daughter has grown and of how much she has changed in five short months. Five months prior I spent three and a half hours in hard labor (after fifteen hours of milder contractions) and finally, after nine long months of pregnancy and eighteen and a half hours of labor, I said hello to my baby girl face to face. In these last five months we have spent lots and lots and lots and lots of time face to face. She recognizes my voice in a chaos of voices and sounds and seeks out my face in room full of unfamiliar (well not as familiar as mommy) aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

My daughter has achieved countless milestones by way of her growth and her blossoming personality. In five months she has grown six inches and has gained seven pounds. Her thin newborn body has filled out to be a very rolly polly baby body. She uses her body for all kinds of things. She enjoys spending lots of time on the floor laying on her back and playing with her toes and trying to eat them. She has discovered that her hands and fingers are meant to grab things and she uses her hands to grab toes, hair, plates full of food, glasses full of water, blankets, toys, books, and pretty much anything and everything she can get her little hands on. At five months she has become quite adept at rolling and kicking herself to the next interesting thing in her line of vision. Her personality is even more evident than it was a few months ago. She smiles and laughs readily.

(To be continued …)