My Guilty Pleasure: Pomeranian Dogs

Even though I am a total Chihuahua lover, I have to admit that Pomeranians are the cutest dogs ever.

Maybe it’s their compact size, or perhaps it’s their fluffy hair, it might even be their engaging eyes; but it’s something about them that makes me want to have one or two. Here are the stats for this dog:

• They usually weigh between 3 and 7 lbs; though the AKC standard is 4-6 lbs.

• Their life expectancy is between 12 and 16 years

• They are highly intelligent and alert. This means they make great watch dogs.

• Though they are small dogs, they are very active. But they still are good for apartment life.

Ok, here are some things I didn’t know.

• According to Wikipedia, these dogs originate from Pomerania. Well that sounds logical but I’ve never heard of “Pomerania”
which is now called Poland and Germany.

• These dogs are descendents of sled dogs and were later bred as house pets.

Is a Pomeranian Right for you?

If you don’t mind having a dog that sheds frequently then you are on the right track. This dog usually gets along with other pets but they do tend to bark at people. The barking can be corrected with proper training.

Also, Pomeranians are very fragile and just because you have a small child it doesn’t mean you should get a small dog. Most people say avoid small dogs all together when you have children but I disagree. If your children are generally mild-mannered and understand how to play with something that is delicate then I see no problem in you owning a Pom or any other small dog. I know of many cases where children have interacted wonderfully with toy dog breeds.

Keep in mind that Poms are a bit sassy and very independent; this combined with a cute face can lead to disaster if you don’t properly train him or her. You have to make sure they know that you are in charge.

Jenn Lynn