My New Coffee Expense

After spending years avoiding coffee, I received a gift of a coffee maker last Christmas. It was a long time coming, but now I have an extra expense in my household. That part was not good. So, now I am learning how to cut down on the cost and save money on coffee.

With coffee, people either love it or hate it, it seems. I love it, but I gave it up for about nine years. That is because I was either pregnant or nursing for most of that time, and I choose to avoid the temptation of all of that caffeine, so I abstained from it completely. Also, my husband cannot stand the smell of coffee brewing, and I like to have a peaceful household.

Fortunately, I didn’t have much of a problem avoiding coffee, and I did fine without it. Last winter, I rediscovered my love of coffee after Sunday church services. The best thing about that is the fact that the coffee was already brewed.

My husband, being the clever guy that he is, figured out a way that we could both be happy by purchasing a coffee maker that brews one cup at a time using coffee discs.

Yes, these discs are expensive, but since I usually only have one or sometimes two cups a day, it is actually cheaper than making a large pot that then goes to waste. And with the discs, my husband can make tea, and the kids (the older one at least) can make instant hot chocolate without fuss and on their own.

But as I mentioned, this coffee is a new expense, so here is how I am to save money:

I limit the amount of coffee I consume in a day.

I purchase my coffee at Bed Bath & Beyond and use the 20 percent off coupons.

I use the special button on my machine to dilute the coffee a bit so I get bigger cups without having to spend extra money on the discs that are made to produce bigger cups.

I skip buying half and half or creamer and simply use the skim or whole milk that is already in the house.

Do you enjoy coffee? What are some of your favorite ways to save?

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