My Personal Scrap Space – Analyzing the Problem

It was agonizing deciding whether or not to share pictures with you of my messy scrapbook area in the awful state it is. Or just waiting to show you pictures of once it was picked up and a clean scrapbook area again. When you work in your scrapbook area or studio every single day and you are involved in lots of projects, it becomes harder and harder to get things put away. Unless of course you follow the advice I have been providing all along and you don’t do what I actually did.

Let’s take a look again at the overall photograph I shared with you the other day.

scrapbooking mess

Well, isn’t that a mess. Let’s blow it up a bit and analyze what seems to be the problem here.

As you can see, I have added little red letters to the photograph to indicate problem areas I found right away. First I will explain what it is, and then how it needs to be fixed.

A.) A computer that is hardly used that honestly does not need to be on that particular table. It is taking up a rather large area of room down at the end. There is a place I can move it on a table that is right behind all of the stuff where the kids work. This is their computer anyway.

B.) Stacked items that need to be returned to their proper place. The worst part? This is a stack of cookbooks for some snacks we were making a few weeks ago. They definitely do not belong in my scrapbook area, and can be returned immediately to my cookbook shelf.

C.) A totebag which doesn’t belong on the table (usually stored underneath), a pile of layouts and projects I am needing to sort (just do it Nicole) and when all is gone I will be left with a hole there for something to go. This is a good thing.

D.)This silly project I started was an attempt to organize a large group of photographs that got all mixed up. What is sad about it, is that I finished sorting everything, it was in the right order, and then I left it there. Can you see any sort of sorting process now? Nope, I have to do it all over again. I either need to do it now, or put it away and do it later when I have time to get it all done.

E.)The red letter is hiding what is underneath it. A phone. We have three portable phones in my house. Guess where they are right now? All three of them are in my scrap area, and I hardly use the phone at all. I need to put them all in their respective rooms.

F.)This huge container does belong under the table, and it contains all of my kits from my monthly clubs. What has happened however, is that they have become all unorganized and they aren’t sitting in the container correctly. They give a look of clutter, when they could look a lot nicer. Just need to fix them up neater.

G.)A cardboard box. Trash anyone?

Does your room look like this? Share your experiences. Tomorrow, after I complete the tasks I have outlined above, I will show it off again.

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