My Personal Scrap Space – Analyzing the Problem – The Other Side

It would surprise me if by now you haven’t seen my earlier post regarding the mess in my scrap space and what my intentions are to fix it. All of that is in the process of being completed, but I thought since I am sharing my work in progress tomorrow, I would share the other side of the area today too.

So here is the other side:

Much, MUCH worse. That’s of course because it is the most often used side of my scrapbook area. It is where I write from every single day. It is where I close up my laptop and set it aside so I can get creative. It is my spot. But it sure needs to be fixed fast.

Again, I have labeled the picture with the immediate problem areas.

A.) The cords have somehow made their way out from underneath by table, and they look like an accident just waiting to happen sitting right there. Part of the problem is that we have a fan plugged into that outlet but the fan is cooling the rest of the living room. I need to move the fan to a different outlet, and tuck the cords back under the desk.

B.)Hmm…pretty sure that trash bag probably has a home somewhere else. Not sure how it got there, but I might keep it there until I’m done fixing these problems. Perhaps I will come across some more trash.

C.) These boxes and containers that are underneath my desk hold business materials for my scrapbooking business. I probably just need to close them up and tuck them further under.

D.)I recently went through the motions of taking apart my paper rack and re-doing it. These are the extra pieces. I still want to keep them and use them but I cannot remember where I put the other connectors. I need to probably put them away somewhere else until I can find them.

E.)This is where I keep all of the scrapbooking paper packs and kits for my scrapbooking business. I don’t plan to do much with this except maybe move it to find a different spot for it. I use it almost daily. The one thing I noticed wrong with it, is that there is an accordian album inside it that doesn’t belong.

F.)Remember how I mentioned all those stamps I got for such a great deal at a garage sale a few weeks ago? This was my attempt to figure out a way to put them away. It does NOT work because I cannot find anything. For the time being I need to put the drawer back in its rightful drawer unit, and I need to put the stamps somewhere. Organization for these stamps is a top priority.

G.)I keep looking at this. I have no idea what it is. It’s not on my table anymore, I don’t remember moving anything so it is entirely possible that it belonged to Mike or one of the kids. Anyway, I just need to make sure it doesn’t reappear. Probably need to have a chat with all of them about continuing to keep their stuff off my space.

H.) This is just a matter of organization. It needs to be fixed so its more pleasant to look at. Things are just shoved on the shelf, and I am positive that could be made to look much more attractive.

I.)These are the containers that goes with my photo sorting projects I mentioned in the first article. There are eight of them in various spots around my scrap area. I need to condense them, finish sorting them and then re-label them with the contents.

J.)Yes, because everyone stores lotion on their scrapbooking desk. I mean lotion and scrapbooking go hand in hand, really. NOT. I need to get that back in my bathroom.

K.)My only goal here is to fix this up so it looks just a little nicer and see if I cannot fill in the gaps with other books that might be running around here.

L.)This is the game Mad Gab. Have you ever played it? It’s a lot of fun. It isn’t mine. It’s my best friends and I really need to return it. Guess I know what needs to be done there.

So that’s the other side. Am I still alone in my mess? Tomorrow I will show the progress I made today in cleaning this all up.

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